Group Long-Term Care Benefit Program

In the last year, why have over 500 Professional & Alumni Associations Approved this New Long-Term Care Benefit Program?

An Exclusive Benefit Program for Members.

See if you are eligible for the most innovative group benefit program designed to address the complex emotional and financial issues associated with long-term care.

Exclusive Group Benefit Program

Necessity is the mother of invention!

We know what happens when families face the complex, emotional and financial challenges of long-term care and have added key benefit services to our LTC program.
With over 20 years’ experience in the long- term care and association markets, we realized people need something better.

That’s why we developed LTCRplus! LTCRplus combines the best financial protection options with the critical assistance families need when dealing with long-term care. The “plus” in LTCRplus goes way beyond any other program in the marketplace.

The financial protection options under this program allow you to find the HIGHEST benefits for the LOWEST premiums with Exclusive Group Discounts not available to the general public. You can even compare the newest coverage options that pay benefits even if you don’t need care.

Group Eligibility Required

*LTCRplus is not available to the general public.

Group eligibility must be verified to access benefits.

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We designed this benefit program for our families.
Let us help yours!


"Our experience working with LTCR was excellent."

"We were able to shop the market and compare the different solutions including plans with special discounts through our association. Best of all the vast majority of the process could be completed via the phone and email."

Joseph and Carolyn A.

Wexford, PA

"Thank you for your caring assistance."

"Finding the right long-term care options can be totally confusing. My family was trying to figure things out for my uncle. They had selected a facility and were ready to move him in. The research online seemed to indicate the facility was of solid quality. Thankfully, with the LTC Navigation benefit, I was able to research that facility and others. I learned that they were not nearly the quality we desired and found three better alternatives."

Jodi H.
Wayne, NJ

"The Legal benefit was quick, and easy to use."

"When my mother’s health was declining, we realized she did not even have a Will. The LTCRplus Legal resource helped us create a valid Will, plus a Medical Directive for her, and it didn’t cost us a dime. I was able to share these documents with my husband and my sister in another state so they could review it.

Thanks for this great benefit. It helped to ease the legal burden for our entire family."

Kristi B.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

"Care Audit put our minds at ease."

"When mom insisted on staying in Michigan when she needed a nursing home, I was concerned about the distance and my ability to check in on her. Her memory is beginning to fade and I was worried about the care that she was receiving. I used the Care Audit benefit to have a third-party health care professional visit mom and provide the family with an assessment of her well-being, social and mental status. We feel a lot better knowing that mom is doing well and the facility is properly caring for her needs."

Vicki F.
Phoenix, AZ