The LTC Navigation benefit is designed to help members deal with the complexities of finding the long-term care services that they or their family member may need.  Whether it is a care assessment, creating or evaluating a plan of care or finding quality home or facility care, we have the resources to help you and your family during these difficult times.  We have aggregated LTC resources to help you and your family when care is needed.  LTC Navigation can also help with understanding your long-term care insurance policy and helping you access those benefits.


Claims Assistance:

The good news is LTC insurance works.  The LTC insurance industry is paying over $8 Billion a year in benefits.  But like all insurance claims, you are dealing with a legal contract and access to benefits can often be complex.

Our LTC Concierge Team can guide you through the process of reviewing and filing a claim so that you can start to receive your benefits as soon as possible. We can help you:

  • Understand your LTC insurance benefits and how the policy works.
  • Identify and analyze the requirements of your policy including elimination periods, daily maximum, lifetime benefits, and coverage.
  • Assist you in completing the necessary forms to help you file a claim.
  • Assist you with obtaining and evaluating a plan of care.
  • Find and coordinate the quality care needed.

Finding Quality Long-Term Care Services

Even if you or a family member do not have an LTC insurance policy, the LTC Navigation benefit is still available to help you.  Our LTC Concierge Team can help you determine what level of care is needed and assist you with locating that care in your area – home and community based care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other options.

We can also help you explore other options for funding care even when you are already receiving care and can no longer purchase an LTC insurance policy. We can assist you by generating detailed reports showing Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Home Health and Palliative Care options in your state.


Sample Facility Search:

Sample Facility Review:

LTC Care Audit provides family members with important information about their family member’s current care and care setting.

LTC Care Audit is available to LTCRplus members at an additional discounted cost and can be performed on a one-off basis at your request or scheduled at regular times. LTC Care Audit provides an in-depth in-person assessment of your family member’s current care situation and is performed by a third-party independent health care professional.

With LTC Care Audit, a trained Nurse will conduct an in-person visit with your loved one in their care setting to perform the Care Audit.  The nurse will meet with the person receiving care as well as the care-givers to perform an in-depth assessment.  Care Audits can be performed for people receiving home and community based care or care in a facility like a nursing home or assisted living facility.

The LTC Care Audit report includes:

  • Baseline information including: diagnosis and prognosis, review of care setting and key stakeholder information. (Power of Attorney, etc.)
  • Physical assessment
  • Cognitive (short and long-term memory) assessment
  • Review of the Plan of Care
  • Safety and Fall Assessment
  • General information about your loved one’s quality of life, activities, eating habits, hobbies and emotional state.
  • General observations about the facility or care provider.
  • Overall assessment of the person receiving care and the care setting they are in.

So if mom is in a nursing home 1,500 miles away or 10 miles away, you can obtain a comprehensive review of her care by an independent professional.

Do you need assistance ?

Contact your specialist from the form below or call the LTC concierge team at (844) LTC-PLUS (844-582-7587) during the hours of 8am-8pm EST.